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Anybody brew with these?...Denali, Medusa, Zappa

So I just updated my hop inventory and I’m pushing 16 pounds so it’s time to brew. Curious if anybody has tried Denali, Medusa or Zappa yet! I’m looking in the direction of IPA/NEIPA for this brew and I have lots of other players to accommodate. Grain bill will look something like 6# MO, 6# 2row, 3# Flaked Oats and 8oz C20. Any thoughts or suggestions is appreciated

Denalis descriptors always looked good to me…but never used it.

Been reading about deneli hops. Pineappel citrus. Bit spicy. Sounds nice.

Time to brew again so looking for suggestions on another NEIPA hop combo. My latest citra/medusa combo was a hit for sure and only made it through 2 fantasy draft parties. The citra/denali/el dorado is probably next best of the NEIPA’s I’ve done thus far. I have plenty of hops/varieties so just about any combo is achievable at this point. Grain bill will be similar to above and using 2nd gen WLP066 London Fog Ale yeast.

Just brewed an IPA. Used Bravo, Ekuanot and Glacier hops… My efficiency was way down because… Huh… Lack of attention. I just put in a dry hop charge at the slow end of fermentation… Sunday I’ll rack out and do more dry hopping in the keg for another 5 days… Sneezles61

Any report back on this @sneezles61? I have a few ounces of Bravo and Ekuanot but have yet to try them.

Work has me overwhelmed… I’ll keg this W/E… Although the aroma near the fermenter is fabulous… If someone could make an air freshener with hops… It’d be a million dollar seller! Sneezles61
EDIT: tasting this brew so green there’s only like one bubble in it so…
Smooth bittering… I don’t pick up any fruit in particular in the flavor… Aroma is light… Didn’t dry hop like a usual IPA… Just wanted to try these hops out… My descriptors aren’t good… I want to go with honeydew melon… It’s just not overwhelming, I’ll use these hops again… Next time I’ll step up the DH’ing…
ANOTHER EDIT: dry hopping with Ekuanot and Bravo gave me like a plastic background taste… The first one Ekuanot and Glacier… That one was very good combo…

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