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Any Thought on what this was used for?

I was recently gifted this from a frien who runs auctions. when I got it the outside was caked in almost like a clay or adheasive residu that I had to remove with a dremmel. I asked him what he thought it was used for and all he could say is i dont know but I do know what you could use it so any thoughts?

I forgot to mention that it looks to be about 8-10 gallons by volume guess. it has had me puzzled for the last few weeks while conditioning it.

Is that a valve or port on the bottom? If so, that’s great, it looks like you have a SS boiler.


Looks like it was used as a double boiler of some application.

its a female threaded valve weleded on to the frame.

Yup, double boiler. Looks like a soup pot for a steam table… restaurant size.

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