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Any recommendations......Dallas , Texas?

Going out for a few days to visit my Son.
Any suggestions as to any breweries / brewpubs in the area to check out?


Deep Ellum is great. Then Rahr and Sons is a very good traditional German brewery.

There are also quite a few home brew clubs. Ours is in Fort Worth and meet on the first Tuesday of the month if you’re interested.

Community Brewing makes amazing beer. Meddlesome Moth is a good pub for getting local stuff.

Thanks for the tips and the invite!
We will be there Thurs. evening thru Sun. or Mon.

My Son is an Architect there, though the name of the firm escapes me.

Checked out:
Four Corners Brewing, Deep Ellum, and Community Brewing.

I’d have to say, my favorite was Community Brewing, with some tasty flavors on tap, and a serious laid back atmosphere in the Brewhouse!

“Wanna’ look around, help yourself, please don’t touch anything, and if you have any questions, come and get me”.

not sure how much time you have to travel…but jester king

Missed that one, but my Son mentioned it, and also the “Meddlesome Moth”.

Guess that means another visit in Feb. or Mar… :cheers:

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