Any issues using STC 1000 temp controller

For those using the controller with a fridge or freezer, has anyone had issues with melting of terminals or anything else? Just curious as I have a friend who will be making the connections and he mentioned if the compressor draws more than 8-10 amps at start up then may have issues down the line.

I’ve read a lot of posts here and have not read of anyone having issues so I assume the ones who are using the controller have not had issues.

Most of the fridges/freezers I looked at do not really show how may amps it draws so just curious.


What your friend is talking about has nothing to do with the controller. That just means your fridge is not working properly.All refrigerators show the amp usage on the label. Usually in the back, the compressor or even on the inside of the door. If the label doesn’t show the amps then it will show the wattage used. If it uses say 750 watts then Use this formula. W/V= A or 750/120= 6.25 amps.

Thank you.

Had a friend wire up the ITC1000 last night. Didn’t wire the heat side as I will not need it.
Plugged it in to my freezer last night and it works. But I have a few questions:

  • set the temp to 65 degrees. When the temp reached 65 degrees the compressor turned off like it should, however the temps continued to drop 12 additional degrees. I really do not want that much of a temp swing. For those who have the STC or ITC model, is this normal?
    I really do not want to have to increase the set temp to accommodate the over-shoot my target temp.

  • when the unit reaches the set temp and turns off, the heat light kicks on when the temp drops below 65. Since there is no heat source, it’s not a concern however there is still a few volts going to the unit even when off. Is this normal? It’s not a lot but it’s a concern.

  • I actually ordered the Johnson Controls A419 last night. Would I have the same issues with the A419 as described above? Just curious if I should cancel the order for the A419 and stay with the ITC or just go with the Johnson unit.


Where do you have the temp probe? I have mine taped to the side of the fermentor with a piece of packing foam over it to insulate and more accurately read the wort temp. I have had no problems of huge temp swings. Just give it several hours to stabilize.

Do you have the temperature range set as low as it will go on the controller? I have mine set to 1°F

Mine’s worked like a charm for five months without any problems. I do use a heat source during the colder months.


It’s just dangling for now as I wanted to simply test the unit. My plan is to do as you did but just wanted to see how it worked.

Maybe once the temps stabilize the temp swings will not be as great.

Get that probe taped and you will be fine. Also make sure you set the compressor delay to the max.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try when I get home.

One thing you’ll also need to remember is that the probe will be measuring wort/beer temp. The thermal mass of that will negate any drops in chamber temps. So, if you set the temp at 65° and the temp of the chamber drops to 60° the thermal mass of the beer will take quiet awhile to drop that low. By then your chamber would quit cooling.