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Any good craft beer in the Dallas-Ft. Worth-Arlington area?

I’m leaving for the Dallas-Ft. Worth-Arlington area in about 4 hours. I have a 3 day trip scheduled to visit a customer there and I know that these guys will probably take me and my coworker out for some BBQ, etc. I’ve only had layovers in TX and have never actually spent any real time there so is there anything you guys know about the local beer scene outside of Shiner, Lone Star, etc? I don’t plan on getting lit up while I’m there but if the situation comes up where a beer is acceptable, I’d like to know what to look for. Cheers Beerheads.

I’m not familiar with Texas, but isn’t Shiner bock from there?

i’d tour it.

Rahr And Sons in Ft. Worth is fantastic, and they do brewery tours.

There’s a few brewpubs in the D/FW area but names escape me at the moment…Humperdink’s is one, BJ’s or something like that.

I haven’t lived in D/FW for a few years, sorry I couldn’t offer anything further.

[quote=“darthmorgoth”]I’m not familiar with Texas, but isn’t Shiner bock from there?

i’d tour it.[/quote]

I was just in Dallas. EVERYONE drinks Shiners. They looked at me like an alien when I said I wanted to go to a beer store to try something else. Most local stores carried light beer and Shiners, you had to look for anything else.

FWIW - Shiners was fine, just boring to me.

There’s a brewery in Mckinney, called Franconia about 30 miles north of Dallas. Rahr and Sons in Ft. Worth has a great beer too. Because of the brewery laws, you can’t buy directly from the brewery but both give tours with samples. If you want to sample some TX brews here’s a list of my favs:

(512) is a brewery in Austin using only local ingredients. Great IPA!
Rahr and Sons runs the gambit of all types of brews. Ugly pug is their black lager, good stuff.
Real Ale Brewery in Blanco. Some of their beers are mediocre but their IPA is good.

For a great selection of all types of brews (and usually specials on TX born brews) hit up the Flying Saucer in Ft. Worth. They have over 100 different beers ON TAP!


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