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Any good British ales

I have a sack of MO so going to do a run of British ales. I’ll do my ESB and also a Bass clone and a Burton Old Ale. I’ll also do a porter. Probably have enough grains for one more. Any input

A British IPA? Make Your Best English IPA | Craft Beer & Brewing


Ah. Good call I do like harpoon IPA which is an old school British IPA I believe. I have the ingredients. I can repitch my London Ale III to it

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I’ve been using MO in all of my beers and it’s the best improvement my brewing has seen since I started! Love it. I would like to get some ESB recipes as well.

Well I have the Burton the ESB and a English IPA on tap. The Burton my least favorite I probably used to much sulfate the bitterness is to harsh I feel. The ESB is very drinkable has a sweetness to it. The IPA is drier but not as dry as an American IPA. It’s more pale ale ish but I guess that’s probably where it should be kinda like Harpoon

So what’s the recipe for the english ipa?

Awesome. Thanks

Same here. Love to use mo.

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