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Any experience with "Heading Powder"?

So, I have bad head retention on a NB Winter Warmer recipe that I have in the keg, right now. Carbonation seems okay, but dissipates quickly. I see that NB sells a cheap product that is intended to be added after fermentation to help aid/fix head retention ( … -1-oz.html ).

Does anyone know if this works? Seems like I could just mix it up with a few ounces of beer from the tap, and then dump it back in the keg, right?


WHy fret about it?..Never used the stuff, dont like to add extra stuff to the beer.

The recipe looks like it would not be a huge head retaining beer.
Some beer just dont have good head retention, this is one of them.

Also is your glass cleaned properly

I know people who sware by it, so I think it does work.

I personnally would agree with grainbelt. I never go out of my way to add anything extra to my beer (including fining etc.) I’m not trying to win any awards for clarity or head retention.

At the same time, my beers tend to come out with a pretty rich texture on my draft system, so it is not really a problem. If it were I might considder trying something like that - though I likely would not bother.

My darker beers used to have the same issue and I found the raising the mash pH a bit with pickling lime gave me better head retention and more body. About 5.6 is about right for me.

Haven’t seen it before. Dextrose and gum arabic, fairly simple. I’d give it a try.

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