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Any Coupon Codes out there for an order?

I’m about to place my 3rd order in like a month or a month and a half. Just wondering if there’s any savings out there. Ordering some kits, some Falconer Hops and some whirlfloc tabs this time!

I find it funny… I’m about to brew my second batch in the morning, I’m ordering my first two actual kits right now, and I haven’t even tasted my first batch yet, which I plan on bottling on Monday morning.

I think I’m addicted.

(tried the code on my most recent catalog but no dice)

I don’t think there are any floating around at the moment, unfortunately.

Personally, I buy mostly from MoreBeer these days because they have better deals. Free shipping, monthly discounts, and daily discounts. Many things are flat-out cheaper just under normal price, too. If not cheaper, comparable to NB.

But do they have the Cobra, Evil Dawson and Brewing TV with that hunk of a piece of man-meat Chip?

I didn’t think so.

eta: I’m just kidding, except for the Chip part… I’ll check it out, thanks for the reply

Northern Brewer offers a standing 5% off for AHA members… ... mbers.html

[quote=“724b”]Northern Brewer offers a standing 5% off for AHA members… ... mbers.html[/quote]

I saw a thread about AHA discount a few months ago. I thought that was just for people who made purchases in the store and not on line. That’s awesome if it works. So, have you tried it and did it work?

It does work!

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