Anvil foundry water profile’s?

Hello I am brewing a Cream Ale an I want to use this simple water adjustment that people use with there Anvil foundry I just don’t know if I should use the pale hoppy or pale malty here the pic of anvil water profile

Pale malty would be my guess for a cream ale unless you want to go make a hoppy cream ale then use the pale hoppy.

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Generally less than 20 IBUs. Definitely pale malty. Bring out the :corn::corn::corn:

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good advice boys but I’m convinced the OP never comes back to look at his posts…


Or never replies. Certainly a pattern going on.

I am convinced the OP is caught in a dimensional rift where one can only get messages out about brewing but you cannot receive them. Spooky


Not spooky at all. Scientists have been sending out messages across the universe. For years and hasn’t gotten a response. Probably some :alien: wondering why we never respond.


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