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Anvil foundry 10.5

Hello fellow brewers, i have just made a huge step up in my brewing game with the purchase of my anvil foundry 10.5. However, I am looking for some advice on first time cleaning of the system. I have read a lot of post stating that pbw was not enough to remove the left over manufacturing oils and got me wondering if i shoud be doing more.

My plan was to do a full system test/run through with fresh water heating to at least 180°, using this to test the pump set up and everything. Then do this same action again with PBW solution, + a fresh water rinse.

I have heard many options to make sure this is done right and no unpleasant metallic taste end up in the beer. Dishsoap + several rinses and a pbw run, others that stated bar keeper freind on all brewing surfaces. I am 1000% suffering from information overload. Any advice would be helpful

You could use bar keepers friend. Its a oxacid cleaner. Bit water in your kettle make a thin paste. Spread around your kettle. Wait. Few min rinse out. Dry with cloth. If cloth comes out clean you did suceed to clean and prep your new system. Have fun using your new kettle

I think you are overthinking it. Run your hands over all the surfaces. Do they feel oily? PBW soak will be enough. I cannot imagine that if PBW can cut through the food I burned on the bottom of my wife’s favorite pan, that it’s not going to cut through a hidden drop of oil.

I used Barkeepers Friend on mine. Worked great. Just follow the recommendations.

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