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Antigravity Pump Unbelievable Video

Have y’all seen the new “antigravity pump” video from NB? I can’t believe my eyes!

Is that a BMB with a lid staying on all by itself??

Did look at the video last night. Nice their new pump. And price wise. Under 50. Awesome

Ha! Good catch!

In a serious note I bet the siphon is quicker once you account for getting the pump out, attaching the tubing, sanitizining the tubing, transferring, then having to clean the pump and resanitize.

If you have a lot of beer or wine to transfer or space/height issues a pump would be ideal.

Nice play with words there… I guess then I’ve had an… antigravity pump for quite some time… And if Darren had the 1/2" tubing… Sneezles61

Looks cool but something else to clean. Think I will stick with gravity.

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Ya I don’t even drag my almost new riptide pump out anymore and just do a manual fly sparge … mainly cause I haven’t Figured out how to dial it in so I don’t lose so much sparge water heat though the hoses etc. Prob need to skip the on pump flow control and put some thing in line for a valve to better regulate the flow. But I am making pretty good beer with my manual mode and I am standing there anyway…

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I don’t think a few degree drop is as a big deal as you think. Here is a good read:

Been done a couple times. I will still continue to heat my spare water as you still have to heat the wort to a boil. But I wouldn’t be concerned about starve water dripping a few degrees.

Seems that there is a big buzz about doing nothing and getting something… I will not be an advocate of that… IF you want something to be good … have the ability to do the time… it really does pay off. Sneezles61

Thanks Loopie, yes I read (and subscribe ) to the brulosophy site. It’s a good point I was probably too new in the process and was sweating it a bit too much. I know I can shorten my hoses quite a bit as well. I will prob dial it in over the winter and see if I can get a nice even flow from the sparge arm. Some of the issue seems to be that of the riptide flow valve and it may not have the resolution/linearity at the low end. I may be better off letting it pump full volume to another manual valve near the sparge arm itself.

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