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Anther "help me name my home brewery" thread (WITH BRIBERY)

Hey all,

Wanted to finally name the home brewery and thought I’d tap the brain trust. I’ve settled on going with a name grounded in the law (I’m a lawyer), and I run a competition BBQ team named “Habeas Porkus” (which explains my forum name).

I’ve come up with these so far:

Barrister Brewing
Quid Brew Quo Brewery
JurisBREWdence Beers
In Contempt Craft Brewery
Objectionable Brewing
Habeas Hoppus
Hopeas Corpus
Esquire Brewing

Thanks in advance. Whoever can come up with a new winning name, I’ll send you a six-pack mix.


What about something like:
Hop Justice Brewing
Full Pardon Brewing
Ales of Justice

What kind of practice do you have?

I work at a large law firm and I specialize in civil litigation/trial work. No criminal.


[quote=“Baratone Brewer”]What about something like:
Hop Justice Brewing
Full Pardon Brewing
Ales of Justice[/quote]

Ales of Justice is clever. I like it.

Sidebar Brewing

Hung Jury Brewing

Bar Brewing
Amicus curiae Brewing
Breif Brews
Burden of Brew
Counsel Brewing
De jure brewing
Hearsay Brewing
Sustained Brewing
Collaborating Litigants Brewing
Jurisdiction brewing
No Contest Brewing
Pro Se brewing
Tort Brewing

The OutLawyers Brewing

Does the name have to be tied with your profession? Sounds like the names you threw out there were not real friendly with the average Joe. Most people do not understand the terms you have thrown out there, and the cleverness would be lost to them. To stick with the theme how about;

Puplic Sevice Murderer Brewing.
Breach of Peace brewing Co.
Amicus Beer Brewery
The Brewers Chamber
Class Action Brewing
De facto Best Beer Brewery

Anyways, thought I would throw my hat into the ring for a free mixed 6er. Good luck with your new adventure! What area are you planning to do this?

If you were a female, I’d suggest: “Miss Demeanor’s Brewing Company”.

(I kind of like that, if you don’t use it, I reserve all rights)

I like “Class Action Brewing Co.”!

Oh, how about “Testimony Brewing”?

Verdict Brewing
Just The Facts
Swear To Tell The Truth
Night Court Brewing Co
Law Man Brewery
Law 'n Brew
Brewing Law
Brew 'n Law
Jury Duty

Could add ‘Brewery’ or ‘Brewing Co’ or ‘Brewing’ to any, or change any of my suggestions. Could also replace 'n with and. Good luck! Great incentive with the 6’er.

[quote=“Baratone Brewer”]What about something like:
Hop Justice Brewing
Full Pardon Brewing
Ales of Justice[/quote]

+1 to Full Pardon Brewing and Ales of Justice. Clever, and not confusing to people with no interest in law.


Really enjoying the ideas. Just so everyone is aware, I’m not starting a pro brewery. I’ve been brewing for about 15 years, and my wife thought it is “about time” to name the brewery. Thought we’d get some glassware made, etc.

Keep 'em coming!


Potable Briefs Brewing

I can’t do better than “Class Action Brewing” which someone suggested… BUT…
I hope you do a strong winter beer and call it “Litigator”

Court House Brewing

25 to Life Brewing

slimy dirtbag brewing

barrister brewing

injunction alehouse

jack-leg brewery

3 strikes " "

bitter shark " "

i could go on for hours about suitable beer names as well…i particularly like jack-leg for your brewery.

How about…“If the glove don’t fit, you got ta drink this shit” Brewery

now that’s funny!

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