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Another Philly sour brew

Continuing the discussion from Wildbrew™ Philly Sour:

My brew has dropped from 1.050 to 1.025, it’s only been 5 days, but the rate is slowing already. I’m really trying hard to be patient. I need y’all to talk me out of pitching the US-05 or BE-256 chillin in my fridge.

My temp control is gone on this one. My freezer died over the weekend, so I had to emergency convert my fermentation chamber back into a food freezer. :frowning: On the plus side my home AC has kept it under 76.

Aw nuts… I’m not a fan of stuff breaking right when you need it…

Mine went to 1.017 before I pitched a second yeast

9 days. Now at 1.016. Keep plugging little yeasties…


14 Days.
Stil. 1.016

so Add US-05, BE-256 or just say effit and keg it?

i was going to bottle yesterday but my dropped to 1.012.

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