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Another Newbie Kegger

Just brewing my first batch that I will be kegging. From reading various posts, it looks like a freshly filled keg needs to be “conditioned” for a while at 10-15psi before dropping to 5-6psi and drawing from it. My question is: once I have my first batch/keg conditioned, can I put my second batch in another corny keg and then attach just a gas line to that keg while I’m drawing from the first (using a dual line regulator). It seems like this would allow me to just pop off the liquid line from the first keg when it is empty and pop it on the second conditioned keg (shutting off pressure etc first of course) so the second keg would already be conditioned. This way there should be no delay in swapping to a new keg, waiting for the new keg to be “conditioned”. This way I could always keep a second batch ready to go. Do I have this correct or is there more to it than that?

Yes. Or just convert your system to 2 taps so you can have 2 beers to drink at all times!

and then once you get two taps you’ll have three carboys worth of beer and you’ll need three…
and then you figure out you can cram one more in there and you need four…
Then you start thinking to yourself “you know, maybe I could…”

This is how it works fyi

moremoremore…and to answer your question: yes.

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