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Another loss

Eddie Money passed away today… Another sad note… I’ll put on some of his music and hoist a few schooners of brew to his memory… Sneezles61

Sad news. Did read it last night. Soon there will no heros left. Even in the metal music sceene. Its getting empty. Even big bands are. Putting it to a end. Sad. But they did deserve. Their rest. Sad thing. There are no new bands. Than can fill the empty. Void

I just looked up the release date for Two tickets to paradise, 1977. Doesn’t seem possible. A great loss to rock and roll.

I understand the sales of guitars are dropping off. Are peeps not even listening to music? Perhaps too involved with their little smart phones? Sneezles61

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I was sad to hear this as well. An area county fair always has big names perform and quite a few years ago, he was to play there. It rained that night and he couldn’t use the main stage, so the band that was to play in the beer tent offered to let him play instead. What a night that was!

@sneezles61, I think you are right. There are so many things and activities competing for people’s time now, things we used to do have almost gone by the wayside.


I saw Eddie Money in his stadium prime, and many years later (2009) down here in Melbourne Florida at a small 1100 seat venue. He was with Survivor and Loverboy. I called it a ‘triple shot of geezer rock’ but I was glad I went, good show and he was the best.

RIP. Esophageal cancer is a bitch.

My dear friend just got treated for throat cancer. Never smoked. It was HPV that had caused it.

I do. One of my. Other passion. Metal music. Buy still vinyl. And cd. No down loading for me

And now another one:

OH geez, historic icons are being taken from us… Saddest part… Who’s replacing the vacuum left behind them? :roll_eyes:Sneezles61

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