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Another cider topic

I love making cider and it’s fun to drink also. I smash my apples up and press in a five gallon bucket with a bunch of holes drilled in it. Works great. But I was thinking why not just add some water and sugar to the pulverized apples and proceed as in fruit wine.

Go for it, and please report back with your results. :slight_smile:

I make crabapple wine that way. Freeze and thaw them, smash them up a bit, and mix in sugar and water. It works fine, but dilutes the flavor. It also dilutes the acidity in crabapples, which is why it works well. But you’ll be left with something with more of a delicate flavor than a typical cider. I even added zucchini to it once to get rid of a huge pile. That was… interesting.

If you try it, and I think you should, I’d recommend going with more acidic varieties of apples. Otherwise it might get a bit boring.

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I was thinking maybe instead o straight water some store bought apple or cranberry juice without the sugar to get some more flavor

I’ve been tempted to just grind up the apples, put them in 5-gallon pails, and pitch some yeast directly into the pomace. Then press it after a few days. I think it would do a good job of extracting more of the liquid out of the fruit, if the yeast can go to work on it for a bit before pressing. I like the idea of adding a bit of store-bought juice, just to get things going. Maybe even pear nectar.

I’m going to have a ton of apples coming from people. Here is my plan pulverize the apples throw in some store juice. Line a bucket with a strainer bag put in some Camden. After a day toss in my yeast. Ferment a few days pull the bag and squeeze it out. Then let it alone for awhile. Might add some ginger and lemon peel

I’ve got half a wheel barrow of state fair apples just waiting… I get too busy, and can’t find time to tend to my apples as I should… My Haralson’s are starting to fall now too! I’ll bet I can get 3 wheel barrows full… And the good thing, I have a juicer… I extracts sooo much… Down side, it is very time consuming… Sneezles61

I have juicer also. Find the 4x4 more to my liking. Actually therapeutic

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