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Another cheap brew gizmo

I’ve been tinkering for a few days with that orange carboy cap that our host sells… It has 2 hootenannies on the the top… The one on the side I trimmed off a bit, stuff a stainless steel barbed fitting from a MFL fitting into it, from under neath, so the actual flag is under the cap. There is where the hose is connected and goes to the CO2 tank/regulator. The larger hootenanny I was able to push my broken racking cane through it, again from the under side with a little bit of keg lube… I put the cap on my fermenter, hooked up CO2 at 2 psi, and a hunk of tubing to my broken racking cane to liquid out post of a keg, and racked! Trying to eliminate as much O2 as possible… So I don’t have to use the outer tube of the auto-siphon now… Worked fine, perhaps a bit faster than the old way… I fashioned a cap for the end of the racking cane from a 3/4" copper cap so as not to suck up from the bottom. Sneezles61


Very creative.

But I believe the technically accurate term is thingamajiggy.

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We would call it a whosywhatsy around here

McKnorkle here.


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In the commercial world it is called a doohickey.

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