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Another 1 Gallon question

So I’m going to tinker a bit with the WH Honey Porter recipe since the first one came out well. I wanted to add more honey and some chipotle. So I’ve seen recipes add the pepper In the secondary. The 1 gallon recipes don’t generally use secondary fermentation so when could I add this? During the boil?

If you want to replicate adding in secondary, I’d just add late in primary, once active fermentation slows or stops.

More info: Boiling can be pretty harsh- it’s good to extract flavor from things like hops, but for more delicate flavors, the boil can scrub off flavors. Fermentation can also have a similar (though diminished) effect. The CO2 bubbles can carry aromatics off and scrub them out.

Ok so in the second week of fermentation just sanitize a muslin bag and add some dried chiles and let it sit? Do I just drop the bag in or should I tie it to a long string?

You are going to rack out of the fermenter to bottle, right? Then I wouldn’t bother bagging the peppers, unless you feel you need to… Sneezles61

Correct, so just pop em in there? Is there a chance for bacteria?

You want to split the peppers open, remove the seeds and soak them in just a little vodka or something to sanitize them, then add the whole thing to the fermenter. I like to use bourbon myself as I like the flavor it adds to the beer.

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^^^ This. ^^^

Brilliant. Well jeez just gonna have to tell the wife I need some bourbon

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I will sometimes wonder… after the fermentation is 90% complete, the pH is quite low, not much can live in that environment… I feel that you get the bad bugs before the fermentation is started/complete and it then grows from there… Sneezles61

Adding enough bourbon might even get you another beer out of that gallon kit :blush:

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