Anchor Brewing revived

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Cheers to the Chobani yogurt guy! Here’s hoping he can bring the company back to it’s Fritz Maytag-era glory.

Saw that! Hope he gets it turned around and is successful! Personally, I think he should just make it local and drive demand

IF they want to sell nation wide, they should advertise and be able to support what it advertises…. I dont recall seeing any from the past…
I do hope it can get some again… Here’s to looking forward! :beers:

I used to look forward to their Christmas beers. It was different each year so kind of a surprise and I don’t remember a bad one.

Well I’ve only had their steam beer. But the chobani guy is quite a success story. Goes to show you contrary to popular beliefs the American dream is alive and well. I wish him luck with this new venture

I believe to have read somewhere that their Liberty Ale was our first craft IPA… in the USA.