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An unpleasant bitterness in Waldo Lake Amber

Hi All,
just cracked open a Waldo Lake Amber, and wow, it was bitter, not nice, not really drinkable at this point.
(different from the not unpleasant bitterness in my recent tonguesplitter)

extract kit with US-05 yeast
full boil
2 wks primary, 2 wks secondary
2.5 weeks carbonating
followed recipe exactly.


should I just give it some time?

this is the first time this has happened in over 30 batches.


Yup, give it time. Was it clear when you bottled it? Was it clear when you decanted into a glass? The presence of yeast can impart a bitterness, or it could just need more time to become more cohesive.

My Waldo lake is always best about 6 weeks into the bottle or keg. It loses some of that bitterness and tends to be a little more malty sweet.

I purposely designed that recipe to be more bitter than a “normal” amber, which are usually too sweet for me.

I’ve noticed the same bitterness bite in my WLA that’s only been carbing for 12 days. I’m liking it though. I bet a couple more weeks will mellow it out.

Another element that may be contributing to higher bitterness is the fact that you did a full boil…with a full boil, you are getting better hops utilization. Just a thought.

I kegged my WLA on 1/18 and it seems to be like most ambers and reds that I have made where they are best when conditioned for about 6 weeks minimum.

wow, thanks everyone!

I will wait 6 weeks.

I have noticed an increased hoppiness once I’ve started full boils…
sometimes it’s ok, but sometimes not.

how do I adjust the hops for full boils?, when using recipes based on extract kits.

thanks for all the info,

I always put my extract recipies into Beersmith to see what each hop addition gave.
then i could tweak the additions around to keep the ibu/SG where i wanted it.

Drinking a WLA thats been aged 1 year right now.
Was a bit hot when young, cause I had gotten some rediculous 90+ effeciency from a monster decoction. Its really tasty now.

Another decent program which will allow you to play with IBU and gravity levels is hopville (it’s free!). When I was doing extract brews, I always used hopville to tweak recipes…now using Beersmith and love it.

thanks everyone, I will check out brewsmith!

WLA was my second brew. I did the extract version, if it matters. It was pretty good at 8 weeks and GREAT at 10 weeks. I have found that all the beers I have brewed are better with age.

Give it time. It will mellow out. One of my favorites that I have brewed so far.


I purposely designed that recipe to be more bitter than a “normal” amber, which are usually too sweet for me.[/quote]

I prefer mine both! What I have been doing with the last few batches is mashing a little higher so that it finishes about 1.018 and about 5.5% man oh man is that good beer!

thanks everyone, I feel better now,

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