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An ounce of whole hops

I posted this on another thread but wanted to give it it’s own. I just harvested some hops (Cascade)
and want to know how to estimate the weight of them.

Can anyone suggest a common container that, when filled, would equal an ounce or 2 of whole hops ?
AS an example , if I filled a 2 cup measuring cup would that equal a couple of ounces ?

I doubt you can get an accurate weight by volume, but just for reference I bought 2-oz of dried cascade cones at the local farmer’s market this weekend. It filled a gallon ziploc bag packed loosely.

Good luck!

At the risk of asking the obvious question…why not just weigh them?

better off actually weighing them, too many variables as some cones flair out more than others when dried thus affecting volume to weight ratio.

Agree with all the others…there’s no way you can accurately estimate hop weight from volume. There are too many variables.

I’m assuming there is some reason that you don’t want to or can’t weigh them, which is obviously the best way. When I weigh and package my dried homegrown hops I use a quart-size yogurt container to weigh them. If I pack it super tightly, I can squeeze two ounces into it. Most of the time I measure out an ounce and a half into it, which takes a moderate amount of packing down. Hope that helps.

I package mine in sandwich size zip lock bags. Packed tight squeeze tight you will have a half ounce. I take them out of the freezer for use and weigh them again and they still weigh a half ounce. Not that hard really a little more or a little less isn’t going to make that much of a difference with fresh hops since you don’t really know the aa anyway.

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