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Amount of ginger as added flavor

Kona’s Lemongrass Luau is described as having a “pop” of ginger. It’s very mild. No heat. I cloned it and brewed a 2.5 gallon batch and with .75 oz in the last 12 minutes.
I revisited the recipe and brewed a 6 gallon batch.

I tried not to simply scale up the ginger to 6 gal bc I want to avoid overpowering the beer.

What’s your advice on ginger if you want only a slight hint in the final product?

In my experience every crop of ginger is slightly different. I’ve not come up with a way of predicting. I also feel like ginger fades with time. I like strong ginger though. Steeping tea in different proportions and figuring out what a “slight hint” means to you is maybe your best approach. Then scale up from there.

Test- Steeping! Good idea! Thanks!

FWIW my wife make some amazing ginger tea where she just loads up a gallon jar with water and ginger and just cold steeps it. It takes couple days

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Hey, good tip… We are starting to put the coffee away and break out the cold tea… Sneezles61

Ginger is one of those things that can really overpower your beer. I like @squeegeethree idea of making a tea so you can add a little at a time and sample. In my early days of brewing and trying different things I dumped out a beer with ginger added and one with pine nuts also. Pinesol flavored beer really didn’t cut it. Neither one faded after long waits.

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