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American Wheat Question

I currently have NBs American Wheat in primary. The recipe calls for two weeks primary, two weeks bottle conditioning. I added orange zest and corriander to my boil and was planning to dry hop with amarillo. A friend recommended cutting primary to one week, then moving to secondary for a week. Should i drop the amarillo in the entire time that the beer is in secondary? My goal is to make it more of a hoppy wheat, but wasnt sure if that would be too much.

What does your friend recommend?

He’s not into hoppy beers, but i cant remember what the rec. was…

If you don’t plan on reusing the yeast, I would dry hop in the primary. 2 weeks primary, 1 week DH, bottle.

If you want to reuse the yeast, 2 weeks primary, 1 week DH/secondary, bottle.

Or you could do as you suggested and 1 week/1 week.

The only thing that really matters is that fermentation is done before you bottle. The rest is trial and error on what taste better to you.

Save yourself some work, leave it in the primary for three weeks, once the fermenting is over the beer needs to stay on the yeast for at least a week, dry hopping the last week.
Last year I had an American wheat that was 6 1/2% and 30 some IBUs that was hopped with falconer’s flight. It was good.

will leaving it in primary too long cause a bready type flavor?

No. I just took I wheat out of the primary after a month.

Off flavors take a really long time to develop, up to 5-6 weeks is fine, I’ve read posts from brewers leaving a primary go way longer than that with no problems.

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