American style lager

So I’m looking at this recipe which looks to me like a cream ale. They call for WLP080 cream ale yeast blend or a packet each of S-04 and W 34/70 pitch at 50°. Why not just pitch a lager yeast call it done. Am I wrong

I’m not familiar with WLP080 but White labs gives the optimum fermentation range at 65-70° 50 sounds kind of low. I agree though that at if you can achieve that low a temp why not just go with a lager yeast. They do say it is for a cream ale.

Sounds like a recipe by someone who doesn’t know anything about lager or yeast. Find a different recipe.


Well it was from an article in BYO about using raw grains (corn). They did say start fermentation at 50. They usually have reputable contributors. I would normally use a German ale for a cream ale. And for the recipe given I would just use lager yeast. Just kinda curious

It sounds like a brew to try straight off the page…

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