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American Pilsner Extract Recipe

Ive been looking for an American pilsner recipe to brew up for a upcoming party? Anyone have a good recipe for something like this? Boring I know buy its a good party beer.

Are you going to make it as a lager?

If I were going to attempt this style with an extract batch, I will probably try to make the best damn beer I could possibly make and show your fellow partiers how good homebrew can be. This is what I would do:

Steep one pound of Munich or Vienna at 150° for 30 minutes. Take out the grains, raise the heat and add 5 lbs of extra-light DME and bring it to a boil. Add an ounce of a mild hop like Hallertau, Tettnanger, Hersbrucker, Saaz, Mt. Hood or Liberty at around 4 to 4.5% for 60 mins. Add another ounce of the same or similar hop with 5 minutes left in the boil. Try to do a full-volume boil if possible. If you’re making it as a lager, use White Labs 840, 830 or 800 or Wyeast 2124, 2278 or 2001. If making it an ale, you’re probably going to get some winces from the party-goers because it just won’t be the same but you could use Wyeast 1056, White Labs 01 or US-05 and try to ferment as cool as you possibly can… around 60° would be good. Allow it to ferment and try to give it a d-rest if using lager yeast. Allow the yeast to settle and then transfer it to whatever vessel you envision next… secondary, keg, bottles. Try to lager it or age it for a good 3-4 weeks at 30-40° and then serve it. Cheers.

Is extra light DME the same stuff as pilsner DME?
I’ve been using the dried pils stuff to make starters ,
I think its just pils with some carapils.
Seems to be really light in color for dried extract,helps to see flocculation.
Would work great for a CAP or CA.

I’m just looking for a simple pilsner extract recipe, I can’t brew a all grain yet :frowning:

Why not follow the American Ale extract kit recipe and just sub the extract for pils extract? Plus do a 90 minute boil, but don’t do the hops that long.

I didn’t even think of oils extract, is a cream ale the same thing? I was thinking of trying this:
3.3 gal Pils extract
1oz. Cluster hops (60 mins)
1oz. Hallertau hops (5mins)

Not really sure which yeast to use or even how long to ferment?? This is only my 4th batch, sorry for stupid questions. I just wanna bring a beer that everyone will enjoy!!

The recipe I gave you is extract, my friend. Technically it’s extract+specialty grains but steeping the specialty grains before adding the extract is nothing. If you follow that recipe, you’ll make a very nice beer. I don’t know if extra-light DME is pilsner DME but the extra-light DME was my extract of choice when making almost any beer in my extract days. You could still use crystal malts or whatever and make very pale colored beers if making like a Pils or other light-colored beer. The other “light”, “pale” or “gold” extracts always seemed a little dark to me. Cheers.

Hmmm ok how’s this sound?

1 lb. Vienna malt steeped 30 mins @ 150
6 lbs NB Pilsen extract
1 oz cluster hops (60 mins)
Safale us-05 yeast?

Sounds kinda boring hahs, verdict?

For a very simple extract recipe I will use only Pilsen extract, no steeping grains, cluster hops will be fine, but for the yeast you should use a real lager strain like safbrew 34/70, unless you can’t ferment below 58F I wouldn’t use the US safale 05.

[quote=“jafstl38”]Hmmm ok how’s this sound?

1 lb. Vienna malt steeped 30 mins @ 150
6 lbs NB Pilsen extract
1 oz cluster hops (60 mins)
Safale us-05 yeast?

Sounds kinda boring hahs, verdict?[/quote]

Looks good to me! You could add a little hops at 5 mins also like ken said, if u want it to look less boring, but it’s up to you.

Do you have the means to ferment at lager temps? If so I would use a lager strain of yeast. If not US 05 will work, but it won’t be like a commercial pilsner without lager yeast at lager temperatures. It will be good, but not the same. For lagers you also need the ability to make large starters

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