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American IPA for review and comment

For my first brew in almost 2 years I’m going for a style I’ve never attempted.
5-gallon recipe is as follows:

7 lbs Brewer’s Malt
1 lbs Light Munich
2 lbs CaraRed

predicted 1.062 @ 85%, mashing for 90 min around 152. 120 min boil for flavor and clarity.

1oz Centennial (10%) for 30 min
1oz Centennial for 20 min
2oz Cascade (6%) and 1oz Perle (8.5) for 10 min
1oz Cascade for 5 min
1oz Perle at knockout
1oz Cascade for secondary dry-hop

The hops are the bigger unknown for me. I’ve never intentionally brewed anything over 25 IBU’s, while this one is predicting 58. I’m going for mild bitterness with strong aroma and flavor. I know what to expect from Cascades, while the Centennial and Perle simply interest me. All I’m really looking for are any red flags that may pop up for those more experienced with (to me) higher hopping levels.

I would put the 1st oz in for at least 60min

20% crystal is a lot, might want to cut it down to <10% or risk a sweet IPA. Hop-bursting is a great way to get a lot of hop flavor and aroma while keeping the IBUs in check.

I would only use 10% crystal. You probably won’t get much aroma from the perle compared to the other hops you are using. I would use it as a bittering hop and substitute one of the C hops for flavor and aroma.

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