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Amber PET Bottles - 500 ml screw finish

I just ordered 2 cases of these bottles. I usually use 12 and 22oz glass bottles but wanted to try something different.
Has anyone here used these for beer? If so, thoughts?
Other than being alot lighter to haul around, what are other pro’s/con’s?

Also, just finished a weekend of heavy brewing.
In primary I have:
Guinness Extra Stout Clone
Sam Adams Summer Ale Clone
Sam Adams White Christmas Clone

In secondary I have:
White House Honey ale

After waiting 2 weeks to bottle condition the Pecan Ale was ready. It was gone in 2 days:
A Pecan Ale I made using a Smooth Nut Brown ale and 2 Pounds of Fresh Pecans from a small town in Texas.

This coming weekend I am brewing:
Guinness Draught
Orange Shandy
Another Pecan Ale

Just trying to get as much done for the holidays. Ill be going on vacation and the family wants to try different types.

I am guessing you are brewing small batches?

They are all 5 gallon batches.

When I bottle, or give advice here, I use at least 1 plastic soda bottle. Squeeze the O2 out and screw the cap on. As CO2 is produced, the bottle expands. So you don’t have to wonder what is happening in the glass bottles.

Also, the larger 1l/2l bottles work great for growlers for taking on camping trips, parks, poker games.

I would not have concerns using these bottles


Keep your eyes open at festivals/ball games. I have seen BMC beers bottled in brown plastic. You might be able to pick up lots of empties for free.

I’ve been using 740 ml screw top PET bottles for my lower gravity “house” brews. These get consumed rather quickly. I haven’t had any issues with them keeping a seal or bursting. Cleaning is easy and everything gets a Star San bath before being refilled. Caps can be reused.

I don’t use them for my high gravity brews as they bottle condition for a couple of months and I am concerned that they may not hold carbonation for an extended time period.

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