Amber ale extract recommendation

Any recommendations for a good NB extract recipe kit for an amber ale? If it’s any help, I like the styles like boont amber ale by Anderson valley, or more altbier styles like old Mecklenburg copper or Alaskan amber.

I like the looks of the NB altbier extract kit.

I’ve got caribou slobber and dead ringer fermenting, so I need something to take my mind off the wait.


I brewed the Waldo Lake Amber All Grain version and that was pretty good. However, it does get better if you can let it sit a month or so.

NB’s Altbier kit is a good one. I think of alts as a slightly hoppier Oktoberfest-type beer. If you do it, then the WY1007 yeast is an absolute must have.
I did the Waldo Lake Amber AG kit last year and will do the kit again sometime in the next month. If you like a cross between an Irish Red and a Pale ale, then that’s a good one. And definitely use the WY1450 yeast in that one.
If you are looking for something with less hoppiness, the NB Irish Red kit is a classic, for good reason.

Thanks guys…I think I am looking for something a little less hoppy for this round, so maybe the Irish red is the way to go. I didn’t realize the altbier was a little hoppy…and I was planning on using US-05 to avoid having to use a starter with the 1007.


I’m not familiar with the beers you mentioned, but I keep NBs American Amber Ale in the refrigerator year round. Has a very good hop/malt balance.