Amarillo and Simcoe hops!

I just placed a nice hop order as well.

Yeah, I like the Serebrianka too. 100% unique hop. It’s described as having a tobacco taste, and by God it does. Who’d a thunk that would be delicious? I’ve got a lb of it to work with. I’ve spent my wad on expensive hops for the year - I want to check out Belma if there’s any left when I can afford it.

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Just putting in a plug for Grain to Glass.

Just over a year or so old business and the owner Brad and his wife are really nice people.

They’re my LHBS! :smiley:

Nice to finally have a shop in my hometown.[/quote]I just bought 4 pounds of hops from them. Nice website.[/quote]These hops arrived quickly and personally packed by Brad. I’d do business with them again.