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Almost time again

mmm been a crazy week week full of beer party guess they did like my beer but tomorow they all go home again piece and rest . one more night drinking . tonight meeting with brew buddy about brewing session sunday time to get busy again with the beer project

You got the life! Hard to find white sand beaches here in Illinois. In fact I have never seen one. The only white we get is snow. But from what it sounds its easier to get brew essentials here. Hmmmm, what would I rather have? White sand beaches and tropical weather or easier access to brew ingredients. I think I would have to go with the beaches.

actually both takes about ten days to 20 days to get my beer products . i make sure got enough suppl to last me a 1/2 year mean while brew palm tree beaches beer girls in bathing suits

:sunglasses: Just keep rubbing it in don’t ya.

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