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Almost all of the NB yeasts are out of stock!

I’m putting together an order to make an imperial stout and the yeast I was looking for, along with the alternatives I was considering are out of stock. I then noticed that about 90% of them are all out of stock.

Anyone know what’s going on? Yeast shortage? NB stopping the sale of yeast? Closing down?

It appears to be the liquid yeast, dry seems to be in stock. They might have lost power or something and temps got high and spoiled whatever stock they had. Again unless they post something everything else by anyone else is just going to be a guess.

Hey guys-
We are sorry that we have a limited supply of yeast right now, but it won’t last long. You may or may not know that we recently moved our warehouse. With that, we wanted to take a close look on how we were doing things, to get you the best goodies we could.
One of those things was yeast, because we know you like it fresh (we do too!). We tried to do it with minimal impact before the holiday season, but you caught us.
Look for fresh new stock of both Wyeast and White Labs in about a week. If you need to pick our brains for other possible substitutes or anything else, give us a call at 1-800-681-2739.

NB Customer Service

Thank you for replying!

Thanks for the reply!

NB is my go-to place for brewing ingredients. Always fresh! I was getting concerned!

Thank you, TJ, for this important update. It would be good to also update the front page of the main website if you haven’t already.

Agreed. I was wondering why there was such a short supply of yeast. Didn’t know they moved warehouses…thought they joined warehouses a bit ago with Midwest? Why need to move again?

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