All the yeast

If i added all the yeast to my 1 gallon kit, I am assuming beside a crazy blow off I messed up the whole batch. Am i correct?

Nope you should be fine. Some say there may be some detectible off flavors from overpitching but I have not experienced any myself.

Awesome thanks, I really want to try the black IPA and I was afraid I mucked it all up.

I fully agree with Matt. I like a good strong ferment, I would rather be on the over than under pitch.

You way over pitched. Depending upon your palate, you may or may not notice the difference.

The only way to know how much yeast to pitch is to use a calculator like Mr. Malty or similar. Also, for anyone that brews one gallon batches I think it would be wise to replace the one gallon jug with a two gallon bucket. You’ll have far fewer messes to clean up.

Couldn’t agree more. I’m still a little surprised that NB hasn’t included the 2gal fermenter in the kit.

huh… 1 gallon batches… some of us are making 1 gallon+ lager starters this time of year…perspective is a funny thing. Kinda makes me feel bad about decanting off some of my big yeast starters, because somewhere, someone is dying for a homebrew! :mrgreen: