All the Meanbrews Videos in one link

Here are links to All videos and descriptions of their winning medals

Please do share with me if you’ve won a medal with a meanbrews recipe. I do keep track of this! NOTE: Meanbrews recipes have won 3 NHC Medals that I know of and 2 AABC medals (Australia’s NHC equivalent)

English Porter 8/26/2023

Wheatwine 8/8/2023

Kentucky Common 5/27/2023

Weizenbock 5/1//12023 (BOS Winning)

Ordinary Bitter 5/5/2023 (2x bronze)

Czech Dark Lager 12/24/2022

Helles Exort 12/7/2022

British Brown 11/6/2022 (2x Gold)

Dunkels Bock 10/2/2022 (4x gold, 4x silver)

American Amber 9/17/2022 (2x gold, 1x silver)

Cream ale 8/20/2022

Belgian Dubbel 8/7/2022 (1x bronze)

Tropical Stout 7/29/2022 (1x bronze)

Trappist Singe 6/19/2022 (NHC gold 2023, 5x gold, 1x silver, 2x bronze)

American Blonde 5/28/2022 (2x gold)

English IPA 5/15/2022

Irish Red 5/1/2022

Belgian Blond 4/29/2022

Schwarzbier 4/15/2022 (1x bronze)

British Golden 4/9/2022 (1x silver)

Double IPA 4/3/2022

Black IPA 3/11/2022 (1x bronze)

Helles Bock 3/7/2022 (4x gold, 2x silver, 2x bronze)

BGS 2/20/2022 (2x gold, 2x silver, 3x bronze)

Irish Stout 2/3/2022 (1x gold, 1x silver)

Vienna Lager 1/5/2022 (2x BOX, 2x gold, 1x silver, 1x bronze)

APA 12/8/2021 (2022 AABC Gold winner, 4x gold, 1x silver, 2x bronze)

WC IPA 11/9/2021

Oatmeal stout 10/18/2021 (1x bronze)

Australian Sparkling 9/20/2021

Munich Dunkel 9/6/2021 (2x gold, 1x silver, 1x bronze)

Czech Premium Pale 8/22/2021 (3x gold, 2x silver)

Belgian Dark Strong (Quad) 8/8/2021 (1x BOS, 5x gold, 2x silver, 2x bronze)

Saison 7/31/2021 (1x bronze)

Baltic Porter 7/8/2021 (1x gold, 4x silver, 5x bronze, 1x hm)

Dark Mild 6/26/2021 (1x silver, 1x bronze)

American Brown Ale 6/16/2021 (2x gold, 1x silver, 2x bronze)

Doppelbock 6/1/2021 (2023 NHC Bronze, 3x gold, 1x silver, 2x bronze)

Kolsch 5/16/2021 (2x gold, 1x silver, 2x bronze)

NEIPA 5/2/2021 (2022 AABC Silver Winner)

Festbier 4/25/2021 (1x silver, 1x bronze)

Witbier 4/8/2021 (2022 NHC Bronze, 5x gold, 4x silver, 1x bronze)

Altbier 3/26/2021 (1x gold, 1x silver, 1x bronze)

Strong Bitter 2/21/2021 (1x bronze)

Cali Common 12/20/2020 (3x gold)

Helles 11/9/2020

Wee Heavy 10/11/2020 (1x silver, 1x bronze)

Imperial Stout 9/18/2020 (3x gold, 4x silver, 4x bronze)

Marzen 9/4/2020 (1x gold, 3x silver, 3x bronze)

German Pilsner 8/18/2020 (1x silver, 3x bronze)

Biere De Garde 8/2/2020 (1x gold, 1x silver, 2x bronze)

American Barleywine 7/17/2020 (1x gold)

Indian Brown Ale 7/10/2020

Rye IPA 7/5/2020

Belgian Tripel 7/2/2020 (2x silver, 1x bronze, 1x hm)

New Zealand Pilsner 6/27/2020 (2nd place BoS, 2x gold, 4x silver)

American Wheat Ale 6/22/2020

Hefeweizen 6/17/2020 (2x BoS, 1x 2nd place BoS, 4x gold, 3x silver, 6x bronze)


That’s a ton of work! Thank you, will try to view some of these, when my schedule permits, lol

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Now there’s a great collection of styles you can watch before you want to brew… I thank you for all your time and efforts!

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Latest Video is up!

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Good info! Thanks for posting!

Thats one I’ll have to look at. I make a cream ale and a pre pro maybe learn something

Old ale is up!