All Simcoe all FWH IPA questions

Wanting to do an all simcoe IPA. Found several posts with quite a bit of good input for brewing all simcoe IPA’s. As for how much to add for an all FWH IPA, I am guessing that I should calculate to the target IBU’s using the 20 minute boil time guideline.

In a really old post ('06), Denny Conn made a reference to one of his recipes for an all Simcoe all FWH IPA. Couldn’t find that particular recipe.

IMO, you won’t get enough “bite” or aroma from FWH to make a proper IPA - FWH, bittering, and DH works though. But you could probably make a decent APA with FWH only, might still want to DH at least a little.

I found the same thing and haven’t made another all FWH beer. The FWH, 60, DH schedule you mention is one of my standards.

I just did an ordinary bitter with just bittering hops and FWH that turned out pretty good.