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All grain recipe convention

I have an all grain recipe that I’ve been wanting to make but I am traveling for work so I only am able to carry around enough brewing equipment to do extract brewing. The recipe calls for
7# two row pils malt
2.5# wheat malt

Any help on an extract conversion

Sounds like a job for @hd4mark the traveling Brewer

Look at beersmith for points potential for grain. You’ll find they do list DME so with a bit of understanding, you figure out what you need. Thats the only piece of online brew gizmos I use. Sneezles61

Or you could just plug in the all grain recipe and use the BS2 conversion utility to convert it to extract…

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LOL I have just been buying kits that were on sale from NB. We should be back at the northern base in a month or so and back at AG. That is if it’s not still crappy there.

For AG to extract take a look at this link 3 Simple Steps for Converting All-Grain Recipes to Extract - American Homebrewers Association Makes the base malt about 5lbs LME and a little less DME.

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