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All grain kit - mash out or not?

I am getting ready in a week or two to brew my first all grain kit ( dead ringer ipa).

Some instructions I see call for a mash out and some don’t. I did just get the latest John Palmer how to brew book and will start reading about it, but I was just curious what you guys do.

I have the two 10 gal coolers set up for mash and sparge as well as a 10 gal boil kettle ( and my trusty old 5 gal as well to have on hand to heat extra water if necessary ).
My intent is to set the flow so I can sparge and fill my kettle very slowly. Just not sure about the mash out requirements.

Thank you for any insight,


Look at Denny’s Batch Sparing method… He explains it nicely… And of course, many peeps here to help you along. I used to fly sparge. Which means, as I remove wort, I am adding 165* water at about the the same rate as it is removed. Thats after you Vorlaug, set the grain bed, by draining wort into a vessel, about 1-2 quarts, and quietly dump back into the mash-tun. Sneezles61

@sneezles61 is correct. If you batch sparge mash out really isn’t needed. If you fly it’s much more important.

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Thanks, I am set up to fly sparge, and the all grain kit is sized for that as well it seems. So I will do the full Monty and mash out for 10 min and then consume a couple of home brews doing a slowwwwww fly sparge for this batch.


It’s good to try the fly sparge and all the other techniques and then make your own decision which process you like.

I fly sparge and never mash out. Can’t really see the point. The runnings will be brought to a boil shortly after collecting anyway. As soon as my kettle is about 1/2 or 1/4 full I start to apply heat to get the boil going faster.

Thanks Mark, great idea on starting the heat while sparging to save a little time.
Do you do anything special regarding your water? I have another thread question running on that … I have never questioned my water on the past 5 or 6 extract batches, but it seems many people consider it closely. I guess I could install a RO filter system for a couple of hundred bucks. I have municipal water that seems to taste fine and has no odors to it.

The only thing I do with my water is either use campden tablets or a carbon filter to remove chlorine or chloramines. You should be able to get a water report from your municipal water supply. Ours has two sources and they do not specify which one is in use or if it’s mixed so it’s a crap shoot.

So I’m not the water expert here but there are some guys that are very knowledgeable about it.

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