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All Grain Brewing by Yourself

I am in the bailer group. Matter of fact I just bought a new gallon pitcher as the old one was showing scratches. I also tilt the kettle to get as much out practicaly with the dipper before attempting a pour. A 15 gal pot even with jut a gallon or 2 in it can be very hard to control (especially as my burner is just a bit off so my pot stays a tad smutty on the bottom - so no toughing). I as many have stated don’t normaly get any help and often when I do it isn’t really helpful.

I get distracted brewing with others anymore…so solo is my SOP. :?

I’m no muscle bound hulk but I have no problem tipping my 15 gallon kettle with 6-7 gallons of water in it into my mash tun. I do lodge the tun up against something so i can put the bottom of the kettle against it to help tipping.

Pumps are safe. A brew or two and you figure out the temps needed.

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