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All Brett Trois Saison

Couple questions… First Brett culture cell count is quite low in vial… Never done a Brett starter. Any hints or ideas? Second. Is there any concern placing the wort in a bucket fermenter and placing in a hot porch? Temps will fluctuate but it faces south so its pretty warm? Thanks!

Its a yeast, I think they grow reasonably quickly. I’d treat it like any yeast starter.

Here’s a great reference for brewing a 100% Brett Trois brew: ... ecipe.html

He did a 2-stage starter. First step was 300mL, then pitched it into 1.5 liters 6 days later. Took 10 days total at 80F on a stir plate to hit his target cell count. From what I’ve heard, Brett starters typically take quite a bit longer than normal Saccharomyces.

You’ll note that the link ^^^^^ ferments the all Trois beer at 68F, then up to 75F to finish. I did mine at about 67F. I think fermenting on a “hot porch” with temperature swings and sun and potentially higher temps is a bad idea.

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