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All beer kits 15% from 3/13/12 - 3/20/12!

We are running a big sale on our entire beer kit selection from now until March 20th. Take 15% off any Extract, Partial Mash, All-Grain, and Pro Series Kit with the coupon code MakeGreatBeer. No limit to the number of kits you can buy! Now is the perfect time to get that big beer kit you’ve been eyeing, like the Bourbon Barrel Porter or Black IPA. Check out our complete selection of beer kits and stock up for Spring.

To get the discount use the coupon code MakeGreatBeer in the shopping cart.

Good for beer ingredient kits only, while supplies last and good at all locations. Not valid with any other offers.


You guys getting blown up with this sale? Kit section of the website is running really slow at the moment.

Thanks for the sale! Wee Heavy is going into the cart, along with a new carboy to let it age!


Anyone else having issues with the code?

When I input it, I’m getting this:

Coupon code “MakeGreatBeer” is not valid.

15% off for retail sales? I’m going to be in Milwaukee tomorrow and will pay a visit to the Milwaukee location?

The month after I made a $400 order. :frowning:

1 x Surly Furious Pro Series All Grain enroute to me for about 30 bucks… And with all that simcoe?!

I can’t wait.

The code worked fine. First try did not since I cut and pasted it. Once I just typed it in, no caps, it worked.

I wish I had seen this before I placed a $220.00 dollar order last night! :frowning:

Do the kits save well? I’ve got Denny’s Rye IPA fermenting from last Sunday, so it has a ways to go. I’d like to order another kit with this deal but it’ll be another two months before I have a carboy or bucket for it to ferment.

Add a new bucket to the order - you can never have enough fermenters! Or beer in process.

Therackman - I asked the same question - how long will kits keep - under this topic. General consensus - months for extract, which is what I brew. Dry yeast - fridge or freezer. Specialty grains - wrap 'em up real good in plastic an foil and freeze. Liquid yeast - probably just wait to buy it closer to brew day.

didn’t work for me either, tried exactly how it was sent to me via email and then all lower case like in the thread…oh well…

I didn’t know about the sale until today. Yesterday I ordered a kit from them. Today, after i got the e-mail, I replied, asking them about it. No reply. Thanks a lot, NB. Nice customer service there. Hello, Austin Homebrew.

You missed it, what’s the problem, seems pretty simple to me. You know the difference between a sale and a coupon right?

Yes, I do. I just heard from them, they made good on it. They do have outstanding customer service.

Brewed a Caribou Slobber today that I bought on the deal. I also have a dead ringer waiting on its starter to brew too. Good sale.

Ordered the Extra Pale Ale and American Wheat on Monday and receiving it today! Considering the volume of orders NB probably received I’d say this kind of turn around is excellent.

Their turnaround is always awesome, have never had a problem. Wasnt quite ready for another order yet, but this was too good to pass up. Ordered on Tuesday afternoon, delivered on Saturday.

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