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Ale yeast for lager

Has anyone had experience making a lager beer but using an ale yeast? I found a yuengling lager clone recipe that I really want to make but I don’t have the ability to keep my beer at lagering temps while it ferments. I’ve read a few places that I could use ale yeast but not sure how much that will change the beer. Any thoughts?

I’d recommend WYeast 1007 German Ale yeast. I did a Mocktoberfest with it some years ago that was very very good. I fermented like all my ales at the lower end of the recommended temp range and then cold conditioned it a while but it was very good even young.


Do you have anything to control your temperature? You can keep it cold enough with a swamp cooler. German Ale yeast at the lower end will give you a mocklager. Yuengling has a funny taste to me. What is the recipe?

OK I just looked up the recipe. Cluster and Cascade nice. 2-row, flaked corn, Munich light c/c 80 all good. So the taste I’m getting is probably skunk from the green bottles or maybe to much flaked corn. It’s pretty much a pre pro lager recipe with 2-row

I think you’re right about the skunk. Kinda like Heineken of old. On the other hand I really like corn. Love me some cream ale with 15-25% corn.

I like a little flaked corn but I keep it around 15% but that’s just me I know some people put alot more. I tend to be shy with adjuncts. I’m starting to play with straight corn sugar in some recipes

Even the good ol’ 2124 / 830 can ferment a little warmer (say low 60°) if you can keep it there. But as @dannyboy58 said wy1007 is a great option if temp control is an issue.

The Oslo strain of Saccharomyces bayanus / pastorianus / uvarum is a very clean bottom fermenting yeast that is clean at temperatures up to 98F. I use it in place of lager strains. Unfortunately it is only offered from Bootleg Biology and is currently out of stock. So barely an option worth mentioning. If you are interested you can get on their mailing list for the next release.

Seems like any of the Kveik type strains would work here. The few times I used them at way to high temps it came out clean.

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