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Do the NB or any other Ale Pails have an o-ring or gasket under the lid? I bought one from my LHBS and I’ve used it twice. The first time I had an airlock on it when fermentation started and it blew off around the lid. Now with my second batch in that pail I started with a blow off tube running into a container of star san and after two days nothing seemed to be happening, no bubbles at all in the star san. I popped the lid today to check it out and there was a good 2-3 inches of kreusen on the beer. So obviously it’s fermenting but the CO2 must be escaping around the lid and taking the most direct easy way out. Obviously the lid doesn’t sea very welll. I know with the CO2 pushing out nothing will go in but this makes me hesitant to leave beer in that container for extended primary. Until now my only real complaint with the pail was not being able to see in. Am I making a big deal out of nothing here?

Your lid does not have a gasket? I heard that plastic fermenting buckets that have the gaskets can start to leak after gaining some age. The one I have from my LHBS has a gasket in the lid. I only used it twice before going to glass carboys. Contact your LHBS and see if they can supply you with another lid until your brew is done fermenting. You can try to tap the lid around the edge to seal it better. If your fermenting bucket is giving you trouble, IMHO I would replace it.

Williams brewing sells bucket o-rings

My lids don’t have o-rings and they leak. I RDWHAHB. I leave beers in there for 3+ weeks all the time and haven’t had any problems.

I had a lid with a gasket and it leaked too.

[quote=“BrewingRover”]My lids don’t have o-rings and they leak. I RDWHAHB. I leave beers in there for 3+ weeks all the time and haven’t had any problems.

I had a lid with a gasket and it leaked too.[/quote]

+1. I have both and have both not sealed. Nothing to worry about.

Thanks for your replies gents. I just added the bucket as a second primary after using a glass carboy and didn’t know what to expect. I feel better now. Going to tip one back and stop obsessing…about that issue anyway…haha 8)

anyone know where to buy buckets online with lids that are gasket-free?

I have one of the (about) 7 gallon buckets, with the grape design on the outside. It has a seal in the lid and I’ve never had a problem with it.

Just scroll up and click “Shop”. :slight_smile:

The 6.5-gallon lids don’t have gaskets, the 7.9-gallon lids do.

ULine or USPlastics should have what you are looking for.

Thanks guys - I went with some Ale Pails I found, since I already use one and even if it doesn’t seal 100% of the time it’s easy to open and to clean and sanitize. I had bought a couple “sale” buckets/lids that are basically a PITA, and decided not to use the ones with gasketed lids ANYMORE! I hate giving new stuff away, but hate even more equipment that’s not well designed. The 6.5 gallon NB buckets and lids look great!

FWIW, I don’t even clamp down the lid tightly on my buckets anymore. I just leave it loose with a dry airlock in the grommet unless the beer will be in there for a month or longer. During active fermentation all you really need is a barrier to prevent contaminants from getting into your fermenting beer. RDWHAHB :slight_smile:

I see these lid seal/Air lock bubbling things and think of the new Cooper fermenting vessel. Its two piece and has no seal at all thus requiring no airlock. Their philosophy is once fermentation takes place the Co2 release creates a barrier and you can observe fermantion by observing the Krausen ring forming. It seems to be very successful.

Certainly seems locigal during active fermentation.

The wine pail sold by NB has the gasket, but also might want to recall BTV ep4:

Brewing TV - Episode 04: Open Fermentation

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