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Ale Asylum

I just tried their hopalicious, another fine quality PA. Weighs in at 5.7% very nice hopped brew without bitterness. I would almost venture to say, they made a bit on the dryer side, which I’m liking more and more. Sneezles61

Unfortunately I haven’t been pleased with Hopolicious as of late. The past couple times it was a complete MALT bomb. The date on the bottle checked out so not sure why. I know they moved to a bigger production brewery around that time so processing might have been an issue. I just got tired of paying $9.99 for a sixer of beer that wasn’t what it was supposed to be.

I hear ya… Sneezles61

Just bought another 6-er, and I would almost place it in the ESB category after that tasting… Yes I still have one bottle left… Sneezles61

It’s been awhile since I’ve had it but when I first had it the beer was fabulous. Lots of hop flavor and aroma. I could see it as a bitter.

Did someone say ESB ? I’ll be right back

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