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Ale Asylum Hopalicious

Am I the only onw that cannot stop drinking this beer??? :mrgreen:

Picked up a sixer this week and was pleasantly suprised. Liquor store had it on the bottom shelf at a lower price than other craft brews. Liked it better than the Wild Ride IPA I had previously. Good beer all around, easy drinker.


I just took the tour of their new facility last Sunday. Great group of people there, and the samples were delicious. I had the Big Slick oatmeal stout and the wife had their limited, a Belgian table beer. Both delicious and, unfortunately, only available on tap in the tasting room.

Was my first experience with Ale Asylum, but I may have a new favorite brewery. I’ll be picking up some of their stuff to try, Hopalicious included.

Yah around here most places that don’t have a decent beer selection will have BMC, Leinies something, and Hopalicious on tap. Kind of a no-brainer at that point. The make some good stuff.

It is great. Ale Asylum is way way up there on the list of Wisconsin’s great breweries. Probably even in the Top 2, with New Glarus. Seriously. Personally I’m a sucker for Lakefront and Rush River, too.

Agreed that lakefront is solid! Has any of you from southeast Wisconsin ever stop at the Silver Creek Brewery in Cedarburg? They make a seasonal Imperial Maibock that is so AMAZING! Many of the brews they have are good to excelent!

I have a tendency to not trust any beer that has a pun on the word ‘hop’ in its name.* Hopalicious is a huge exception to that rule. I love it.

*I’m a stick in the mud like that.

Happy and sad to be reading this now…Just drove back from WI this afternoon. Only picked up a bottle of this instead of the six (or what is four) pack. Wish I would have picked up more.

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