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Alcohol content no sugar added

What alcohol content do you end up with by fermenting just apple cider? Obviously there are many other factors including yeast, apple types, ect. Just looking for a general starting point.

Im not certain but I believe that apples typically will give a gravity of about 1.050 max on their own. Not sure where I read that though so take it with a grain of salt.

My batch started at 1.050 and was straight cider (no additional sugars added) so Adam20’s comment sounds acccurate.

Natural no-sugar cider can be anywhere from about 5 to 7% alcohol, depending on the sweetness of the raw juice, and the vigor of the yeast. 6% is very common. The final gravity will typically be 1.000 or less, as all the sugar is fermentable, unlike with beer where there are a lot of unfermentable sugars.

Yep, just above 6% on average.

I just made one with a 1.055 OG before adding sugar yesterday.
I added 1 lb sugar for a 3 gallon batch, so I am guessing the OG was 1.060 or so

Depends on the apple varieties used. Over here, just under 5% is average.

I have a cider that started at 1.042 and ended at 0.997. That’s about 5.8% ABV, and that is on the very light end. I also have one that started at 1.048 and is still fermenting at 1.002, and that is more than 6.0% ABV and will probably hit 6.7% before it is done. If your OG is greater than 1.050 you could end up with a very strong cider indeed of 7-8% ABV – too strong for session drinking in my very humble opinion, but to each his own. I don’t usually add any sugars as I want my ciders easy to drink.

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