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Alaskan IPA clones?

I’ve got a friend that really likes their brew and wants to clone it. I’m moving away from clones, but I told him I’d look into it. Alaskan’s IPA drinks like a fairly typical NW IPA from where I sit… should I just go with your generic IPA recipe and tell him it’s good? Fishing around for possible attempts.

Have you looked at their website or have any other info on the beer?

Find out what their main flavor/aroma hop is and put it in the generic IPA grain bill.

Brief google search/NB Forum search/Homebrewtalk Forum search showed only people with similar questions, not a lot of info.

Look here:
OG, FG, IBUs, SRM are all given, and they mention 2-row, and European and PacNWest hops for “fruity and citrus flavors.” That’s enough to at least get you started.

Use maybe 10% English caramel malts (I like Carastan 37L) with a base of American 2-row and then get half the IBUs from a bittering charge, maybe Magnum or Centennial or Warrior, lots of late hops, Centennial, Cascade, Citra, Amarillo would all be good with something European thrown in, Styrian Goldings perhaps, then do a heavy dryhop with the same hops used in the late additions.

Thanks, Shade. Always appreciate the swift input.

Was there about two weeks ago and took their so called tour. The tour guide knew nothing and what she did know she would not divulge. Only thing I learned is that their fermenters are outside so there yeast has to be able to ferment pretty cool. I would say a kolsch yeast or maybe german ale yeast.

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