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Alas sweet Kenmore

Would appear that my 17 year old kenmore upright freezer has given up the ghost…or at least the compressor.

I thought the pint I pulled late last night was kind of warm and extra foamy. Confirmed it today. The temp controller says it’s 53F in there. The compressor is definitely coming on but not cooling.

Guess I have to decide if I want to try and replace the compressor or just buy a new one. It’s been a great little freezer and I have my taps installed in the door. Really sexy drywall mud pan drip tray too. I suppose this could be an opportunity for an upgrade huh…haha.

I like the upright for the ease of keg handling. Lifting kegs into a chest freezer with a collar is not part of my plan.

So it’s going to be another upright freezer or a regular fridge. Might be nice to have real freezer space above for hops storage but I’ll have to see what fits the budget.

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Thats so sad to hear, losing such an important piece of brew equipment. All those personnel appointments and not to mention the brews you two have been through together… RIP. Alright, whats the next one going look like? Quite the same? I have to do a designated brew dispenser, so I am curious… Sneezles61

well…turns out I jumped the gun…she’s not dead yet…

Unplugged her from the temp controller and plugged directly into the wall, chilled down to 28 in no time. So I umplugged the temp controller for a couple minutes, plugged it back in, plugged the freezer into the temp controller and it’s working fine agian…very odd but I’ll accept it for now.

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Love the Hey Porter! I had considered that also for my debut porter this year… Went with Porter Canaveral. I listen to JC while brewing.

Had a friend that worked on appliances try to “jump start” my old kegorators compressor. Not sure how that is done but in the end he said it was shot. Bottom line was the compressor was no longer available (of course) and he said the expert at the shop tried a universal one in another kegorator and it worked terrible. So I ended up buying a new one.

Hope all it needed was the unplug replug.

Glad the unplug reset worked for you. I was going to suggest the the hammer reset.


Amazing how many electronics problems can be solved with a simple power cycle :grinning:

I suppose now and again they need a break… Still won’t help my… aw never mind! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sometimes it’s Hay Porter. Named for a Saw Doctors’ song called Hay Wrap. That one was brewed while listening to all the “American Recordings” so I went with that spelling.

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I’m hoping the restart of the temp controller was all that was needed. Seems fine so far.

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