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Airlock Suck Back

Hey Everyone,
Just finished making my second brew, as I was attempting to put my airlock on the fermentor I noticed it sucked back some of the solution into the beer/fermentor. I use B-brite cleanser in my airlock because the first kit I brewed to do so. So I have a couple questions. First, is the B-brite solution going to kill the yeast so no fermentation happens? Secondly, If it does ferment will it be toxic/dangerous to drink with the B-brite in it.
Thanks for the help

I’m not sure, but I read that B Brite need to be rinsed before adding any wort.

That gives me cause for concern about it’s affects on the beer and whether or not I’d want to consume it.

StarSan or Vodka seem to be the solution of choice for airlocks that I’ve read. I’ve been using Tito’s vodka so I can dip into it from time to time for non-airlock duty.

Keep us posted on our findings.

Why not a no-rinse sanitizer like 1step or Easyclean?

It started to ferment so guess that solves my first question. Now just have to figure out if its okay to drink.

I’m definitely switching to a no rinse sanitizer after this, I only used the B brite because its what my kit came with.

I recommend googling the sanitizer to see if it’s safe. I would imagine only a portion of an ounce made it in. Use vodka or any distilled spirit in your airlock from now on. And to prevent suck back, while moving your fermenter, cap your fermenter and put the air lock on after you’re done fussing with it. Also, make sure your wort is at ferm temps. Any substantial drop in temperature will cause a vacuum and suck the contents of your airlock in. My first impatient brews, I putthe airlock in at about 70 degrees and when it cooled to the low 60’s, all the fluid was gone.

I use vodka in my airlocks. It’s what another homebrewer recommended before I ever started brewing. Interesting to note, it also doesn’t dry out as fast as an airlock filled with water. And if any ends up sucking back, I don’t have to worry. A little splash of vodka isn’t going to hurt the brew. :cheers:

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