Airlock help

So i checked on my brew today and saw the airlock was out of water. I refilled it, should i be worried about my beer or will it be ok? im not sure how long its been out, i brewed it saturday.

Should be fine, the question is where did it go so fast and why?

dunno, kinda werid… any ideas where it went?

“S” airlock?

My guess is that the beer has cooled while in the fermenter and the liquid was sucked into the beer.

You should use a cheap vodka instead of water.

Probably co2 off-gassing from fermentation blowing out at fast rate blew the liquid out of the airlock. Another good reason for using a blowoff tube the first few days of fermentation. It should pose no problem to the beer that it went dry, especially if fermentation had begun before it went dry. Just for kicks check and make sure that the airlock is not cracked. That happens sometimes too.