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Airlock hack

I can fit two buckets in my fermentation chamber but only one with an airlock. Usually I just put tape over the bung hole and poke a couple holes. This is what I fashioned now. Back in business



Always good to practice safe se…er…fermentation.

Brew-loon? Kinda thingy… Sort of… Maybe… Oh, looks like it should work… Go down to visit the fermenter one morning and the door is open!! You’ll know then it works… Sneezles61

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Well I poked a couple holes in it. I’ve fermented wine with the balloon trick and it works fine. Wine takes alot longer than beer an nothing ever got into the wine sooo

Starting to inflate. This is nothing new. What’s new for me is wrapping it around the gromet. Can’t see it popping off.

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I remember my dad making some kind of disgusting wine using that method about 30 years ago!

Don’t think it was the fault of the airlock.

Ha! It wasn’t!

Alot of people would ferment wine using the wild yeast with questionable results. Today we have alot of great wine yeast strains

I remember hearing that farmers would make hard cider and use a balloon on a carboy. When the balloon burst it was done. Not very scientific and maybe even not true but kind of a cool old school idea.

I like @brew_cat s Yankee ingenuity to find a way.

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