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Airlock dry

Hello, everyone.
Been looking around here for a few weeks now, and reading alot of great and insightful things for my own home brewing. Thank you very much.

Right now I have a Honey Weizen on the secondary, (My second batch, so far) and it has been in there for about a week now. I left on Friday, and returned Tuesday to find that the airlock was dry.(Checked it Wednesday, and water in it.) It appears as if it wasn’t sealed all the way. It appears to look fine. But, I am wondering if it will be okay. I would hate to toss it out but if it is garbage, I’ll get started on a different one.
Thanks in advance for the help.

It will be fine. A sudden drop in temperature can cause the conents in the airlock to get sucked into the fermenter. I don’t know if thats what happened to you, but its been my experience. It has something to do with atmospheric pressure??? My question is why the secondary? It is a Weizen after all and a little yeast floating around in there is a good thing.

Fill it back up with starsan or vodka.

I was just following the directions that came with the package. Should I not use a secondary for this beer?

Your beer should be fine. As mentioned before I would recommend vodka instead of water just in case any makes its way in.

Lots of people simply skip the secondary and do a prolonged primary. I only secondary my “big beers” and even DH in primary now.

BTW welcome to the forum!

Thanks. Vodka is all I have used in my airlock. Atleast I’m getting some use out of this vodka, as I here the taste of the stuff.

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